My role is to return to you your PERCEPTION or the function of a STRAIGHT MIRROR

Mind can be an optimist (I want to find….) oriented on a (+) side or a pessimist (I really want to find…but I know it is impossible to find) oriented on a (-) side.

Optimism or pessimism is just a quality of your own apparatus.

Mind is an apparatus.

In REALITY “I” do not exist and “You” do not exist either.

There is only PERCEPTION.

And everyone has his OWN, PECULIAR PERCEPTION.

That is why in the world of “crazy” everyone sees his own craziness.

To try to prove to someone that “I am” such and such is a complete and total non-sense.

He would see only what he sees.

My goal is not to create a certain image of myself that you would all agree with – it is impossible.

My goal is to return to you your own PERCEPTION.

My goal is to become a STRAIGHT MIRROR.

Example: If you are a district attorney, I would be an accused. I would take that role. You would accuse me and I would defend myself.

The way you see the situation determines your behavior in this particular situation!

There are as many “visions” of the situation here as people here.

And every single one of you plays the game that comes out of his vision of the situation.

If you see me as an accuser, you would play a role of the accused. And everything I say would be said by an accuser. And you would only be concerned with a length of a sentence.

Participant: And everything I say can be used against me.

Exactly! I.e. you live and experience the judgement of the court.

Another Participant: I see you as a teacher, but the one who also learns from us.

Here is a completely different vision of the situation. I repeat. Your own vision of the situation (teacher-student, accuser - accused) would determine what would happen to you.

Someone here experience himself as a victim (and me as a bully) while another sees me as a head of a cult (and himself as a cult member). Everything depends on your perception.

On top of it, each one of you happens to be in his own drama. 

But I (or any other partner of yours) is in his own drama … I also imagine something and try to play the role being guided by the scenario of my own drama.

Then we would have 17 “crazy” people here. And that is what usually happens. No-one communicates with nobody. Nobody sees anybody. Everyone communicates with his own perception and his own hallucination. Everyone projects his own hallucination on surrounding people.

To see your own hallucinations and projections – our number one goal.

Often we speak with a crazy guy while being crazy ourselves.

Here we have an opportunity to see our own craziness in a mirror of someone who is going to reflect it

This is the most difficult thing – meeting one’s own craziness.

Are you ready to meet your own craziness or you want to continue to maintain an illusion of “Me/I” as some normal, civilized human being that evolves spiritually?