A human being is an electromagnetic being

The separation of consciousness and sub-consciousness is the attribute of three-dimensional reality. If you are not neutral toward positive and negative sides of your consciousness, your life will be similar to a magnet, attracted or repelled to different sides of duality. Everyone has his or her own traumas, as we call it here, in relationship to this, or blocking of the second, subconscious side.

Consciously, I think I should love. When I suddenly feel hate, I get horrified. In reality, this is just the interaction between two opposite sides. One can see and start to manage it only by transferring to a different reality of consciousness, to the next level of consciousness. 


— I want to share my self-investigation. The topic of hatred toward my father discussed during the last seminar had a continuation. Over the last month there was a strong exacerbation. I was thrown from one state into another, i.e. from love to hate.   

Yesterday I recalled a situation from childhood when I experienced this hate. Back then I was shocked: such a feeling toward a loved one! I simply forbade myself to express it. I locked myself in a room in order not to do something violent. The feeling was very strong. I could have killed him. At that time in childhood, I made a choice: in order not to kill him, I would rather kill myself. I never expressed this hatred, but it was pushing from the inside. I sort of closed it.  

— You did not close it. You directed it toward yourself. There is not much of a choice here. Do you understand? It’s either someone else or me.

— Yes, I started to direct it toward myself. That’s where those recurrent abdominal pains are coming from. During Ulita’s exercise I allowed myself to express it toward Alexandra. She felt it both in my eyes and physically. I felt this energy afterwards. I felt it thoroughly. I also felt myself dead during this exercise. It continued today. I woke up very early this morning. I could not sleep. I went outside, and I felt this shaking in the right side of my body. My leg started to shake and then this shaking ascended. The energy went all the way up to my chest area. It was hot.   

— Look, hatred is the same as love, but with a negative sign. It’s the same energy that carries a negative sign. So, how do we get to zero energy that I offer to build your apparatus on? How can we change a machine of three-dimensional reality to a four-dimensional one? How can you transfer to a fuel that we provisionally call zero-energy? You need to master both sides, and to accept them as equal. That’s the only way to get to zero.

Look, everyone here is a magnet. What is going to happen to you if you happen to be not neutral to plus or minus? You are going to be either attracted or repelled. Am I correct? So, attraction is love, repulsion is hate. But in both cases you are fixated in the pole of a magnet, and you are unable to jump out of it. We are electromagnetic beings. The electric current can be received out of a magnetic field, and a magnetic field can be formed around an electric current, i.e. an electromagnetic field.

This magnetism or this state, from a metaphysical point of view is a woman. You receive your mental or physical component, i.e. masculine energy or current out of it. The increase in frequency of vibration of a magnetic field leads to an increase of the current and intensity of this current. That’s a very precise process. That’s how the machine of the third-dimensional reality works. It’s the loss of this machine, i.e. the loss of yourself that you are so afraid of because you are so identified with it. You have adapted to this reality. Your machine works.   

— Yesterday I thoroughly felt that I was not afraid of death, because I am dead. When I realized that I am dead, this fear disappeared.   

— What is characteristic of the third-dimensional reality? God forgot himself here, i.e. he started to believe in death. We are his representatives. In essence we are him. We and he believe in death.   

— Infinity started to believe in finality.  

— Yes, yes, yes. And the «end» is working badly. An apocalypse of the end shows a new beginning. The «End» should be working well because it is the potency of three-dimensional reality. The potency of three-dimensional reality turns into the impotence of three-dimensional reality. Then, it is either the end of everything or the beginning of something new. That’s what I constantly discuss with you.

You scream: «The end! The end! » I say: «The beginning». — «No, the end». You don’t want to see the end of pity. You want to dump all the loose ends into the water. But water is a very good conductor of electricity. A human being consists predominantly of water. What is electricity? It’s a work of the brain, or certain pathways that a thought travels. The woods with a few pathways between the trees, and everyone walking on these pathways.   

— Why do you say that electricity is a work of the mind? 

— The brain consists of billions of neurons that are interconnected as wires. Thoughts are the crackles of the electric current. It’s the specificity of those interconnections that create certain thoughts that later on turn into pictures and notions.  

— Then these crackles are positive and negative.  

— Yes, while the environment where all of this takes place – is feelings, we compare them with water. Why do I discuss all this? We have to become aware of it. We are discussing separation of consciousness and sub-consciousness. This is the key duality. It’s precisely such a buildup of a human-machine of the three-dimensional reality that leads to the major point of forgetfulness and oblivion, i.e. to the reality of death. There are many other consequences, but this one is major.   

The second most important component is sexuality. These are two major taboos: the taboo on sex, and the taboo on immortality. Two major bans. That’s where everyone’s suffering lies. But, on the other hand, everyone works on it. What tortures you also provides you with energy to move and to work. Right? You are tortured by the fact that you hate your father. Everyone has his or her own traumas, as we call it here, in relationship to this, or blocking of the second side, the subconscious side.

Consciously, I think I should love. When I suddenly feel hate, I get horrified. In reality, this is just the interaction of two sides. One can see and start to manage it only by transferring to a different reality of consciousness, to the next level of consciousness. On the third level of consciousness it is impossible. Do you understand?

On this level that is how it is going to be. Nothing is going to be different unless your consciousness exits to the next level. That’s a very important concept to grasp. Do not hope to solve your sufferings on this level of consciousness. It is unreal.

Moreover, the understanding of the different levels of consciousness is hidden. We talk about twelve levels of consciousness here. Have you ever heard people talk about this? Yes, the word consciousness is being used constantly. What is it? There are certain feeble attempts to talk about something, but there is no understanding of it. When it is discussed, it is discussed within the borders of the third dimension, where the vision of other planes is simply impossible.   

Awareness is consciousness of a different level of density. It is a density of a higher vibration. That’s what awareness is. Consciousness and sub-consciousness are the attributes of a machine that is called «human» here. But this consciousness has its own level of third-dimensional density. Sub-consciousness has the same level. Consciousness and sub-consciousness are divided. It is precisely due to this division, which can also be seen in brain physiology, that all these manipulations and fears that we happen to be in here, are possible. In other case, it would be impossible.


Do you see yourself as a human-machine device of a third dimensional reality? Who do you think created this machine and for what purpose


The technologies of harmonization and the enlightenment of your personality

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