What is love? Part two

— Two human beings meet each other, fall in love, years pass and love passes, but they don’t want to part. Why?

— That’s a very interesting moment: love passes. This topic is really important. People go to different fortune-tellers and sorcerers asking for love potions, etc.  

For example, a woman may want a certain man to be with her and she pays money for it. It’s not important for him. He is actually interested in another woman, but she wants him.  So, she goes to a sorcerer and asks for a love potion. If both do not want this relationship, why attract it at all? So, one wants it and another does not. 

— She might be nostalgic for what was?

— OK. Nostalgic. What is she nostalgic about? In my terminology, in my vision she is nostalgic that they lived together for a certain period of time, they did not understand the lesson, and the lesson did not release them.

Look, if you have completed an assignment and solved a lesson, you will part with gratitude. If lesson has not been completed, you cannot part, you get jerky. But, you need to see this relationship as a lesson and love itself as a force that attracts to that lesson.

Imagine that people live and experience no feelings toward each other. What kind of lessons are there? And here we have lessons that occur in paired interaction, interaction between a man and a woman. The word “love” has a very broad meaning, but it relates primarily to the relationship between a man and a woman in the context we are reviewing. 

So, what is “love”? What kind of a force does this word describe? I am telling you about my vision: “It is a force that attracts two people to a lesson.” So, this lesson has to occur between them. They happen to represent two parts of one equation.

«Х» gets attracted to «Y», and between them in the equation there is an «equal» sign. But they don’t see it. Do you understand? And what happens then is what happens in all the families.

«X» screams: «“Х” is bigger than “Y”!» «Y» yells: «No! “Y” is bigger than “Х”! » But based on the nature of the equation they are equal.

In order to understand that, one has to solve this equation. One needs to understand that one is both «Х» and «Y», and it needs to be clearly understood that one is dealing with an equation. And besides, this equation is a live equation where every part is represented by a human being. And the other human being is a part of your equation. He is not simply the other one, but happens to be the projection of a certain not conscious part of you onto this other human being.   

The conditions of the lesson are represented by two people, each one of whom considers himself important and proud, not wanting to view himself as a lesson. And then a question comes up: “Who is going to solve this equation?”

— Each one probably has to solve one’s own equation.

— The problem is that a human being is not solving it. In order for the process of solution to start, it is necessary to know the conditions of the lesson, and also to have the one who will solve it. If all those prerequisites are not met, the lesson cannot be solved. Moreover, there is no understanding of it. Without understanding of a lesson as a lesson the solution cannot occur.

— Some say they don’t love each other, but live together because of the kids. Kids tie them together. What is that?

— It is also a lesson. It means that the lesson is being complicated by the kids, which also happen to be the mirrors and also start to show certain aspects of the program to their own parents. And later on parents pass on their own lessons to their kids through the process of upbringing, i.e. downloading the program.

The program which is the personality is installed by the parents. It is a clear and precise programing. Do you understand? But again, this point of view is not common here. It is practically unknown.

— What does it mean to solve an equation? When does the lesson considered to be solved? 

— The lessons in this reality are given for one to understand oneself as a whole. The lesson is solved when you finally see that you are what you see in your lesson partner. The partnership of an internal man and an internal woman – is an indicator of your wholeness pointing to the fact that lesson has been solved.

But in daily life the interaction between a man and a woman is accompanied by blames and grudges, wrestling and fighting, as you are not aware that the other – is you. You cannot be in holistic relationships of partnership with your opposite unless you accept at least something in it.

Everyone is used to pushing each other here:”I am going to do what you want, if you do what I want.” We live in fear of each other. What kind of love is possible here? There is an illusion of words and constant limiting of each other. Everyone is talking about love, but it does not exist here – there is only fear.

A marriage here guaranties safety that you are not alone, that a woman has means to survive and that a man has a house and sexual relationship. It is a bargain, a form of prostitution. So, you are afraid of what you already have. You are afraid of it, but in reality you already have it. Take a look and see that what you afraid of you already have.

If sexual attraction appears in you, it is an impulse to union. But immediately the conditioned mind takes over and starts to come up with multiple dividing notions.

When two bodies unite without the soul and the heart physiological orgasm is experienced. The cosmic orgasm occurs with complete unity of three bodies: physical, emotional, and mental. That is the state of “We,” and it occurs inside of each human being when one’s internal man and internal woman unite. That’s what I offer.